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The Psychology Of Fight Club


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The Psychology of Fight Club

Fight Club’s narrator’s illness is the manifestation of trite and tedious modern life. Watch capitalism push fight club members to the edge in the following steps:

Board One(insomnia)

  • Side one
    • “We buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like.”
    • 9-5 grind, obsession with trendy living
  • Side two
    • Neither sleep nor wakefulness
    • 24 hour fog
  • Side three
    • Doctor wont provide rx
    • Sent to support groups to see others in real pain
    • “feeling sorry for yourself plaza”
  • Side Four
    • Make yourself feel like a victim at prostate cancer support group
    • get a great rush
    • Cure your insomnia
    • Meet Tyler Durden: pull a card
    • Marla sees you as a phony, ruins the rush: find a new hobby
      • Card: ” Narrator: A new car built by my company leaves somewhere traveling at 60 mph. The rear differential locks up. The car crashes and burns with everyone trapped inside. Now, should we initiate a recall? Take the number of vehicles in the field, A, multiply by the probable rate of failure, B, multiply by the average out-of-court settlement, C. A times B times C equals X. If X is less than the cost of a recall, we don’t do one.
        Woman on plane: Are there a lot of these kinds of accidents?
        Narrator: You wouldn’t believe.
        Woman on plane: Which car company do you work for?
        Narrator: A major one.”
      • Experience Trauma, create imaginary friend, advance to board two
    • Go square: “pass go, do it again!”

Board Two(dissociative identity disorder)

  • Side one
    • Redemption through violence: get a rush
    • Who is Tyler Durden?
    • New Player Joins: Tyler Durden game piece placed at the same place
  • Side two
    • Apartment blown up, join Project Mayhem
    • What’s your hand? Draw a card
      • Card 1: Invisible hand of production. Capitalism moves towards the highest effiency for everyone.
      • Card 2: Tyler Durden pours lye on your hand. Experience another trial by fire.
  • Side three
    • Tyler sleeps with Marla, get jealous.
    • What direction are you headed, anyway?
      • Card 1:Homogenous capitalism: all experience can be reduced to a price. Everything can be bought and sold.
      • Card 2: Heterogeneous Capitalism: Some experiences are incompatible with normal buying and selling. Pick a sacred apple, buy/sell an orange.
  • Side four
    • Tyler kidnaps Marla, picks fight with you.
    • Realize you’re holding the gun and shoot Tyler in the mouth
    • Tyler disappears, you are hailed as Tyler
    • Watch credit card buildings blow up, holding Marla’s hand
    • “The first rule of fight club is: you don’t talk about fight club.”

Cultural Influence

  • Gentlemen’s Fight Club
    • Was founded in Menlo Park by tech workers in 2000
  • Princeton University Fight Club
    • Was founded in 2001, but broke the first rule of fight club by talking about it
  • Luke Helder
    • Planted pipe bombs in mailboxes across the U.S. trying to blow up a smiley face on the map
  • 17 y.o. founder of Manhatten fight club
    • Jailed for planting a bomb outside of capitalist standard-bearer Starbucks