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Start Your Career is an advertising-supported site. Featured programs and school search results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other information published on this site.
Typically, a new couple that wants to start having children may have some inhibitions with regard to the genes they pass on to children. Perhaps one of the parents has a family history of breast cancer or a degenerative disorder. These are risks the parents might want to know and prepare for when beginning a family. Genetic counselors can help parents understand the risks unique to each couple by analyzing their genetic data and predicting possible outcomes for their offspring.

As a genetic counselor, you would learn how to properly read a family history in order to better assess the risk to children. You will also know what steps may help to prevent disorders and diseases children face. For example, if you recognize there is an increased risk of Down syndrome, you may suggest the mother consume certain type of nutrients like folic acid to mitigate that risk.

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Career counseling is the art of preparing a person for a career change or the entry into a career for the first time. This type of counseling involves assessing people’s personality types and using various strategies to fit them into the fields in which they would most likely succeed. The consensus is that a person will last longer in a field in which he or he has relevant skills and enjoys the work. Therefore, the career counselor sets out to ensure that every person enters into the right field. Some people will go willingly while others will need coaching as to why they would be perfect for a certain position type.

As a career counselor, you will expose yourself to a wide variety of people. You may deal with college or high school students, ex-convicts, people who have become recently unemployed, or individuals who are unhappy with their current positions. It is your job to collect data about their desires, thoughts and behaviors, so that you can help them to get on the right track to gainful employment. With your help, these bright individuals can become successful within their fields, or even become successful entrepreneurs.

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Addiction counseling is a process in which a person helps another individual to cease destructive behaviors. The counselor uses a number of strategies to help a person to use healthy practices to cease negative cyclic activities. Professionals mostly use addiction counseling with drug abuse problems. However, several types of addictions exist. An addiction counselor may help people to recover from relationship addiction, internet addiction, gambling addiction and more. The main goals in this field are to assess the persons’ behaviors, identify the roots of such behaviors, and develop a strategy for change and growth.

As an addiction counselor, you will learn how to spot a person who has an addiction. You will have the ability to break through the communication barriers so that the affected party will see the positive aspect of change. Additionally, you will have a clear idea of a person’s risk of developing further addictions. Knowing such risks will not only help you to develop prevention strategies, but also it will help the patient to recognize triggers that may bring on destructive episodes. For example, you may find in your sessions that a particular client suffered trauma during childhood. You will use this information to teach the individual the mechanics of his or her psyche, so that he or she can manipulate it to make positive decisions.

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Marriage counseling is actually one of the few career fields that is growing. This field is perfect for psychology students that are interested in family therapy. Specializing in marriage counseling is incredibly rewarding. Marriage counselors can expect to spend at least six years in college. Graduate school is often required. In addition to education, marriage counselors must be licensed or certified. Most states also require two years of experience in a supervised clinical setting. With divorce rates skyrocketing, marriage counseling is a booming field. Employment opportunities can vary between the public and private sectors. Students that want to have a positive impact on families that may be dealing with separation or divorce will find this field rewarding.

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Christian counseling offers benefits beyond the scope of traditional counseling. Because of the focus on the Bible, Christian counselors are able to minister to their clients while providing help for their problems.

Christian counseling is similar to the general field of counseling, in that it handles the same issues as secular counseling, like addiction, grief, abuse, and marriage problems. The goal of Christian counseling is still to help people work through these problems and ultimately live a healthy and happy life. Where Christian counseling differs from secular counseling is in the perspective of the counselor. A Christian counselor believes that the Bible is truth, and offers much wisdom that is applicable to daily life, in issues like marriage, suffering and human nature. Any advice that a Christian counselor may offer is based on biblical concepts. For those who have a strong view of faith, seeing a Christian counselor over a secular counselor can be advantageous. Non-Christian counselors may sometimes offer advice that does not line up with principals in the Bible, and this could be a hindrance for some Christians.

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Mental health counseling is not designed to treat various mental health conditions. In fact, mental health counselors have the job of examining everything that could potentially cause mental health conditions in men and women. Mental health counseling involves looking at the emotions, the environments, the physical health and behavioral health of a person. Mental health counselors look at different influences that could give the counselors an idea of why men and women deal with their lives in various ways. In addition, mental health counseling can help people who are suffering from low self-esteem, depression and other mental conditions. The people who suffer from these conditions can learn what causes their condition. Mental health counseling can also deal with individuals who are recovering from substance abuse and addiction. There are even mental health counseling fields that work with marriages and families after divorce in order to help everyone deal with the situation. There are even some mental health counselors who work with medical professionals. For example, mental health counselors may work with cancer patients. They may help cancer patients deal with the changes that are happening to their body due to the treatment they are receiving.

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