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  • What’s It Like to Be a Psychotherapist?

    Have you always been interested in human behavior and societal functionality? Though many are interested in this field, it takes a unique individual to follow a career path centered around psychotherapy. Treating the mental, emotional, and psychiatric conditions and needs of individuals can be a challenging career; however […]

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    Clinical Psychology: About the Profession and Educational Process

    The world is ripe with wonderful and exciting careers. One such career that has garnered a great deal of popularity lately is clinical psychology. According to the Society of Clinical Psychology, clinical psychology “focuses on the intellectual, emotional, biological, psychological, social, and behavioral aspects of human functioning across […]

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    What are the licensing requirements after I complete my Master’s in Counseling?

    Counseling is a college major relating to psychology, and before you can work as a counselor, you must first complete an undergraduate degree in psychology or a related field. Graduate programs teach you the skills that you need to work as a trained counselor. You will work with […]

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    What jobs can I get with a Masters in Counseling?

    Counseling has become an attractive career option as more branches of counseling become in-demand. Getting a master’s degree in counseling can open up many of these career options. Here are some of the requirements and benefits of a master’s in counseling.

    Getting Your Masters […]

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    Can I start a therapy practice with only a Masters in Counseling?

    Starting a private practice in counseling can be a rewarding career move. Having control over your hours and your rates allows you to practice your profession on your own terms. Also, you are able to control what type of clients you see in your own practice. For many […]

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    What’s the difference between a Master’s in Counseling and a Master’s in Counseling Psychology?

    Master’s programs in psychology and counseling are similar; they both provide a deep understanding of human issues. However, the programs differ in the nuances of their education and career trajectories. Here is a comparison of psychology master’s degrees vs. counseling master’s degrees.

    Educational Differences […]

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    Career Outlook For Counselors

    The outlook for students looking to take up a career in counseling is good. As population numbers rise, the demand for qualified counselors continues to grow. According to Health Guide USA, the job demand for counselors is expected to increase by as much as 40 percent between the […]

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    Top 20 Master’s in Marriage and Family Counseling Online Degree Programs 2018

    By TCS Staff
    December 2017

    Online MFT programs provide the schooling needed to prepare students to successfully enter the job market as counselors in mental health agencies, correctional institutions, churches, hospitals and a broad array of self-employment opportunities. This list of online programs gives students the world […]

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