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5 Great Books About Connected Parenting

What is Connected Parenting?

Connected parenting is not just another parenting model; it’s a transformative approach that focuses on nurturing the parent-child bond in a way that fosters understanding, empathy, and cooperation. In the realm of practical parenting advice, it stands out as a dynamic and holistic approach to raising children, particularly challenging children. Unlike some traditional parenting models that rely on authoritarian tactics or strict discipline, connected parenting places immense emphasis on the quality of the parent-child relationship and the positive impact it can have on a child’s behavior and overall family dynamic. It offers a refreshing perspective, reminding us that parenting isn’t about control but about connection.

At its core, connected parenting encourages parents to become a connected parent, one who truly listens to their child’s thoughts and feelings, even in difficult situations. By using a calm technique to address conflicts and challenges, connected parents create an environment where children, including older children, feel heard and valued. This shift in approach sets it apart from other types of parenting models, making it an ideal choice for families seeking a more harmonious and loving way to navigate the often difficult roads of parenthood. In this article, we’ll explore five great books that delve into the heart of connected parenting, offering valuable insights and strategies for parents looking to enhance their relationship with their children and build a stronger foundation for their family’s future. You can find the list below…

5 Excellent Books to Help You Parent with Connection

  • Connected Parenting: How to Raise a Great Kid
  • You’re Ruining My Life! (But Not Really): Surviving the Teenage Years with Connected Parenting
  • How to Talk So Kids Will Listen (and Listen So Kids Will Talk)
  • The Whole-Brain Child
  • Parenting as Partners: How to Launch Your Kids Without Ejecting Your Spouse

It’s true, what they say about there being no manual for parenting. Raising children involves a lot of trial and error. That does not mean that reading a few great books doesn’t help! Keep reading as we dive deeper into these five excellent books about connected parenting, a strategy of child-rearing gaining popularity with many parents and family therapists.

1. Connected Parenting: How to Raise a Great Kid

There are no bad kids. More often than not, the parent is not bad, either. Where we go wrong is in the subtle differences that exist in practices of discipline. Poor behavior makes us angry, this is just natural. Anger, however, is the worst foundation for discipline. In Connected Parenting: How to Raise a Great Kid, family therapist Jennifer Kolari explains how to turn challenging child behaviors into moments of growth.

2. You’re Ruining My Life! (But Not Really): Surviving the Teenage Years with Connected Parenting

Parents of teenagers know that when you hit this stage, you have to discard everything you learned about discipline and start from scratch. Adolescence is a whole new ballpark, for both parents and children. It is especially challenging in this age of technology and social media, which fosters artificial connections and makes it even more difficult for parents to connect with their teens. Jennifer Kolari is back again with a connected parenting guide tailored to these tumultuous years, called You’re Ruining My Life! (But Not Really): Surviving the Teenage Years with Connected Parenting.

3. How to Talk So Kids Will Listen (and Listen So Kids Will Talk)

Adele Faber and the late Elaine Mazlish pioneered the notion that connectedness between parents and children starts with communication. Specifically, they sought to help parents realize that this communication is a two-way street. It is not just about how you speak to your kids, but also about the space you create to allow them to speak back. For an excellent guide on how to get communicating constructively, pick ups their book titled How to Talk So Kids Will Listen (and Listen So Kids Will Talk).

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4. The Whole Brain Child

Knowing how to connect with your child is a lot easier with a fundamental understanding of your child’s brain, which changes dramatically over time. Dr. Dan Siegel crafted his knowledge of child and adolescent neuropsychology into a book that everyday parents can read and apply. The Whole Brain Child is like a window into your child’s perception of challenging situations, allowing you to better understand their behavioral reactions and identify the best way to respond to them.

5. Parenting as Partners: How to Launch Your Kids without Ejecting Your Spouse

If you’re coparenting with a spouse, it is crucial to learn that connected parenting begins with a connected partnership. Different people parent differently, and spouses often conflict in their approaches. To help parents navigate this shared responsibility in such a way that you can lean on and help each other rather than battling each other, professional parenting coach Vicki Hoefle wrote Parenting as Partners: How to Launch Your Kids without Ejecting Your Spouse. This approach, in turn, has a beneficial effect on your relationships with your children.

Books as a Parenting Resource…

Strong connections between parents and children make everything possible. From the terrible twos through the tumultuous teens, these five books provide guidance and advice on connected parenting, as well as connected partnerships if you are coparenting day in and day out with a spouse. There are no perfect parents, only parents who try their best by utilizing tools such as these books.

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