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5 Conferences for Pastoral Counselors in 2020

Top Five Conferences for Christian Counselors in 2020

  • Biblical Counseling Training Conference
  • National Christian Counselors Association Conference
  • American Association of Christian Counselors World Conference
  • Association of Certified Biblical Counselors Annual Conference
  • Mega National Christian Counseling Conference

Christian counseling is a quickly growing field of psychology, and professionals in this discipline should know about the top five conferences for pastoral counselors in 2020. When it comes to psychological therapy for Christians, many patients find that a Bible-based approach helps them work through life’s difficulties. Christian counseling is a clinical field that combines the teachings of the church with the latest findings in scientific psychology. Professionals in this field can be informed about current trends and industry information by attending pastoral conferences throughout 2020.

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1. Biblical Counseling Training Conference

The Biblical Counseling Training Conference is one of the largest pastoral events in the Midwest. With thousands of attendees, it promises to be an important gathering for counselors seeking biblical guidance in their careers. Attendees are students, young graduates, and professionals who are just getting started in Christian counseling. The event takes place over five days in Lafayette, Ind., and includes speakers and contributors from all over the country. During the conference, attendees will receive training through group workshops and individual training sessions. Keynote speakers in 2020 include top counselors, authors, and pastors, such as Elyse Fitzpatrick, Brad Bigney, and Dr. Steve Viars.

2. National Christian Counselors Association Conference

The NCCA is one of the nation’s largest organizations of Christian counselors, and the conference in 2020 is expected to bring together pastors and counselors from across the country. The event focuses on helping people heal from trauma caused by emotional and physical abuse or violence. It takes place over two days in Dallas, Texas, and some of the top pastoral counselors in the U.S. are scheduled to attend. This gathering is an opportunity for experienced professionals and aspiring counselors to get together and discuss the current state of Christian psychological counseling.

3. American Association of Christian Counselors World Conference

The AACC World Conference is scheduled for October 2020 in Nashville, Tenn. According to CBN News, the AACC is the top Christian counseling association in the world, with the largest and most diverse membership of all pastoral counseling associations. Past keynote speakers include dignitaries such as former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. From workshops and plenaries to keynote addresses and group activities, this three-day gathering is an important event for professional Christian counselors around the world.

4. Association of Certified Biblical Counselors Annual Conference

In Fort Worth, Texas, the ACBB holds an annual conference for pastoral counselors seeking guidance and likeminded support in their professions. Each year, this three-day event puts the focus on helping Christians heal from psychological wounds with biblical teachings and the latest psychological research. While most attendees at this gathering will be certified biblical counselors and experienced professionals, the event includes activities and resources for students planning to begin careers as pastoral counselors.

5. Mega National Christian Counseling Conference

The Mega National Christian Counseling Conference is a national event organized by the AACC. It’s an important conference for pastoral counselors in the U.S., including those who attend the World Conference in Nashville. The keynote speakers, workshops and events scheduled for this conference are some of the most highly anticipated in 2020. During this three-day event, attendees will have a chance to share their experiences and learn from other professionals in this field.

With mental health quickly becoming a national issue, Christian counseling is increasingly important for religious Americans bearing psychological wounds. These five conferences for pastoral counselors in 2020 can help counselors and students gain the insights they need to help Christians heal from trauma and emotional pain.