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What is a Transformational Counselor?

What is a transformational counselor, and what is it that they do? Life throws us big changes at times. This mental health professional is the master of such changes. Transformational counseling can provide someone in need with life coaching, support, and a wide array of resources to transform their life. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the job specifics of today’s transformation counselor.

Expert-Guided Change

In many peoples’ lives, there often comes a time for change. Some of these changes can actually be so large or difficult for the person making them that help is actually needed. Enter transformational counseling.

This expert is actually a licensed and fully accredited counselor but with a certain specialization. Their specialty is in helping those specifically going through the trials and tribulations of a tough life change or transformation with talk therapy and other therapeutic practices. This transformation could deal with any life interest, habit, or pattern. Dramatic weight loss, dietary changes, recovering from substance abuse, sexual orientation changes, or even a new endeavor to change another major lifestyle pattern of the past could all be the type of changes that could call for the expert guidance of the transformational counselor. Their goal is to improve someone’s well being and mental health, ultimately helping them to feel equipped to take on life’s challenges.

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Examples in Popular Culture

Beyond written explanation, perhaps we can further illustrate the role of this type of counselor by looking to their appearances in popular culture. There are a number of popular television shows that portray this particular role in action. Here are a few examples you may recognize.

The Biggest Loser is a TV show that puts a group of overweight and unhealthy contestants together in a competitive effort to lose the most weight and become the most healthy overall. During the contestants’ journeys, they are counseled by many specialists including transformational counselors. Through the toughest physical and emotional moments, these professionals are on standby to counsel, guide, and support.

Intervention is another popular TV show that showcases the work of transformational counselors and other, similar professionals. Here, the participants are those that are addicted to drugs or alcohol. They are shown in their daily patterns and then facing an intervention in which they are given a choice to go to rehabilitation. Those that choose to get well face a very difficult, uphill battle. As a result, a whole crew of addiction counselors, transformation counselors, and other experts are put to use in helping the addicted transform to a non-addicted life.

Featured Programs

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Becoming a Transformation Counselor

The road to becoming a transformational counselor is similar to that of becoming other types of psychological counselors. First, one must earn their way to a bachelor’s degree in psychology or other, closely relevant study. Next, it’s a good idea to gain some experience in the field by seeking out internships or entry-level positions within the counseling trade.

From here, the most suitable candidates for this profession will seek out graduate school to earn their master’s degree. In order to be accepted though, it is standard for schools to administer the GRE, or Graduate Record Examination. This is an aptitude test of sorts that tests the potential student’s abilities in logic, reasoning, problem-solving and other skills within the various academic study areas .

Once the GRE has been completed, graduate school is the next step. Completion here will lead to just one more requirement to becoming a transformation counselor. This is the requirement set produced by the jurisdiction the candidate lives in. Typically these simply involve time working in the field, college experience, and internship hours. Satisfying these jurisdictional requirements allows for licensure and thus practice in that locality.

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Transformational Counselors at Work

After being dedicated and determined students, these new professionals are ready to enter the career field of transformational counseling. When it comes to the workplace, most of these counselors will be hired into some type of general mental health setting. This may be a private practice or something larger scale. They may choose to work specifically in transformational counseling or life coaching, offer a family counseling service, dive into social work, or many of the other career path options for this admirable line of work.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics does not collect data specifically on life coaches or transformational coaches but they do consider them to be under the same umbrella as rehabilitation counselors, educational, guidance, school, and vocational counselors, personal care and service workers, etc. You can learn more about their average salary, job outlook, and more, here.

Life can lead many to some quite trying crossroads. At that intersection lie two choices: positive change or continuity of past, undesirable patterns. The transformational counselor is the expert that is specialized and there to assist in exactly this type of situation.

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