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  • What Can I Do With a Counseling Degree?

    Combining good listening skills with perception make those wishing to obtain a degree in counseling good candidates for a variety of jobs. A degree in counseling prepares students for jobs in which they will encounter patients needing advice for coping with stress, anxiety, depression, emotional disorders and relationship […]

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    The Top 10 Online Counseling Degree Programs

    In today’s uncertain job market, many adults are staying competitive by going back to school. Online degree programs are an enticing option for the working professional who doesn’t have the time to study full-time. However, the sheer number of options for online counseling programs can […]

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    10 Sole Survivors of Catastrophic Plane Crashes

    Image Source

    Since 1970, only a handful of incredibly lucky people have walked away as the sole survivors of commercial airline crashes. Often described by the media as miracles in the flesh, these individuals lived through astonishing circumstances to cheat death – but the aftermath, the trauma and the […]

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    10 Awesome TED Talks On Happiness

    One of the great things about TED Talks is that they encourage people to look at a common and conventional concept in a rather unconventional way. This is the approach taken by many TED Talks speakers when discussing happiness. From overcoming adversity to taking things slow to perfecting […]

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    The 10 Best Masters in Counseling Online Programs

    According to, a Masters in counseling is the number two most sought after online Masters degree. As a result, there are a large number of online schools that are dedicated to helping people achieve those goals.

    Especially when choosing an online college, it is important that […]

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    Student Loan Guide For Counseling Students

    The field of counseling has a lot to offer individuals through an array of career options and outstanding salary potentials. Professionals in this field work for hospitals, private practices, mental health centers, correctional facilities, and schools all over the World. In general, what many of these counseling professionals […]

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    The Highest Paying Counseling Jobs

    The counseling industry offers career seekers several options in this rapidly growing field. The opportunities for securing positions within one of the fields included vary, but can be found in several different types of organizations and companies. Many different factors contribute to salary and compensation expectations. Geographic location […]

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    24 Scholarships for Counseling Degree Seekers

    Pursuing a counseling degree can lead to a career that will support and challenge those you work with; however, paying for college to get such a degree can be a daunting task. Here are 25 scholarships for those considering a future in various types of counseling.

    1. Violet […]

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    How to Pick a Masters In Counseling Program

    A counseling career can bring great personal satisfaction as well as interesting challenges. People choose this profession for many reasons. Foremost among them is altruism, and many people also go this route because it affords them a healthy sense of control. Regardless of their reasons, any counselor will […]

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