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Top Careers with An Online Associate’s Degree in Psychology or Counseling

An online associates degree in psychology is the first step to a college education. Many students opt for an associate’s degree when they wish to explore a subject before investing more time and money. It is also an excellent option for working adults who must carry on their day jobs but want to get a college degree.

What is an online associates degree in psychology or counseling?
Whether taken on campus or online, an associates degree in psychology or counseling is a two-year degree offered by undergrad or community colleges. It acts as a stepping-stone into pursuing an advanced degree like a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Many students who enroll in an online associates degree and like the subject often go on to complete the terminal degree in the field, which is the doctoral degree. The types of associate degrees offered include Associates of Arts in Psychology, Associates of Science in Psychology, and Associates of Arts in Applied Psychology.

What do the curricula entail?
An associate degree in psychology online program typically needs 60 credits for graduation, but this may vary. The curricula provide a broad overview of the field. They include topics like Introduction to Psychology, Human Growth and Development, Substance Abuse, Health Psychology, Sport Psychology, Historical trends, Experimental Research Methods in Psychology, Quantitative and qualitative research, Group Behavior, Psychopathology/Abnormal Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, and Social Science Elective. Students learn about theory, practice, and applied psychology,

What kind of jobs can you get with an online associate’s degree in psychology?
Most psychology jobs require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, so most associate degree holders go on to complete their bachelor’s degrees. Higher degrees offer several specialization options, which are essential for students who wish to practice in a particular area. But there are also several entry-level associates degrees in counseling jobs that one gets with a two-year associates degree. Let’s take a look at the jobs and the median psychology associates degree salary for each. Jobs have been ranked from high to low salaries.

#20 Community service Manager

A junior community service manager works with licensed social service officers to help coordinate and supervise social service programs and community organizations. They assist workers who provide social services to the public, manage and monitor their caseload and work to identify necessary programs and services. Their duties also include program implementation, worker oversight, managing logistics, and budget, among others.
Average annual salary – $65,070

#19 Police Officer

Associate degree in psychology jobs many also include a police officer position or other jobs within police departments. Some opt for an associate degree in criminal justice to improve their chances of hiring. They assist police officers and public safety officials in adhering to strict codes of ethics, in communicating with the mentally disabled and assist in keeping the public safe. They also help in treating the physical and mental health of officers, their families, and victims.
Average annual salary – $60,270

#18 Administrative Assistant

Associates in psychology jobs include administrative assistants for counseling centers, clinics, and hospitals. These administrative assistants coordinate and support general day-to-day administrative, operational, and clerical tasks. They should have excellent communication skills and provide customer service to students, faculty, and staff.
Average annual salary – $57,630

#17 Psychology Aide

Psychology aides work under the supervision of licensed psychologists to assist in the care of patients. Their duties include assisting with new patient intake, interviewing patients, conducting assessments, maintaining records, and aiding in research. They work with patients who are suffering from physical and emotional abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, and mental instability.
Average annual salary – $57,630

#16 Psychology Associate

A psychological associate assists a practicing psychologist in caring for others. their duties include getting information, establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships, recording patient behavior, interpreting the meaning of information, and judging the qualities of things, services, or people. They often work with the elderly or physically and mentally disabled in positions of care.
Average annual salary – $54,342

#15 Assessment Counselor

Assessment counselors may work in an educational institute as academic assessment counselors, in hospitals as nursing assessment counselors, or immigration consulting firms as healthcare assessment counselors. Their duties include providing program information to individuals, handling inquiry calls, advising the customers, and performing all aspects of assessment duties.
Average annual salary – $54,189

#14 Staff Clinician

Staff clinicians assist licensed psychologists and psychiatrists to assist in providing clinical leadership and efficient clinical care. They support the clinical infrastructure by serving on important clinical committees, working collaboratively to facilitate the conduct of clinical investigations, and aiding in clinical teaching activities. They support clinical training programs and help in providing critical patient care services.
Average annual salary – $54,149

#13 Youth Counselor

Youth counselors work in schools, religious organizations, correctional facilities, and residential group homes where they directly interact with young people in need of care. They offer advice and guidance to kids and teens from diverse backgrounds, help guide them to better outcomes by holding them accountable for fulfilling their commitments. They often advocate for their clients during legal proceedings.
Average annual salary – $50,692

Featured Programs

#12 Psychology or Psychiatric Technician

Psychology technicians work as a part of broader psychology or psychiatric teams to assist clinical professionals and patients. Their duties include observing patients, documenting and recording their progress, helping patients with daily activities, administering therapeutic aid and medications, providing updates to physicians and other providers. They often work with patients who have been psychiatrically hospitalized, the elderly, and individuals with developmental disabilities.
Average annual salary – $49,812

#11 Research Associate

Psychology research associates assist in the development, execution, and analysis of a diverse range of projects. In a large study, they help maintain contact with participants throughout the study, schedule, and conduct follow-up of study participants, follow-up assessments, and participate in data collection at follow-up visits. They also perform administrative tasks to support investigators and research teams and prepare supplies for study visits.
Average annual salary – $47,574

#10 Assistant Correctional Officer

Assistant correctional officers help their superiors in safeguarding prison inmate populations. They help coordinate and manage programs to ensure appropriate offender management and rehabilitation. They provide counseling services to inmates, supervise inmates’ activities, and participate in their rehabilitation. They also help in monitoring inmate and officer interactions, along with the physical environment of their activities.
Average annual salary – $45,585

#9 Health Educator

An associate health educator works with a supervisor to develop programs and materials that promote wellness and encourage individuals to make healthy decisions. They teach people how to incorporate positive and healthy habits into their lives. They work in varied settings like schools and colleges, clinics and hospitals, nonprofit or government organizations, and private businesses.
Average annual salary – $43,840

#8 Substance Abuse Counselor

Junior substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors work with their supervisors to help in mental health improvement and rehabilitation of their clients. They focus on helping individuals struggling to overcome alcohol or drug addictions, educate them, create treatment plans, and help them find additional services and resources. They may work with clients who have received court orders to address their addictions or who voluntarily seek recovery.
Average annual salary – $39,980

#7 Crisis Intervention Counselor

Junior crisis intervention counselors assist senior counselors to help and support individuals who are in a state of an acute mental health crisis. They work with patients to determine how to minimize the stress they are experiencing as a result of trauma or similar events. They help doctors and therapists assess, plan, and treat patients to help improve their coping strategies and provide emotional support.
Average annual salary – $38,285

#6 Human Service Assistant

A human service assistant supports licensed psychologists, rehabilitation, or social workers, in counseling activities. They maintain regular contact with clients to help in their coping strategies, assist in counseling, and explore the various community services and benefits available to patients and clients. They work flexible hours to ensure that they are available for patients in times of crisis whether they are employed by nonprofit organizations, for-profit, or government agencies.
Average annual salary – $37,650

#5 Family Advocate

Junior family advocates help social service agencies to provide integrated family case management for individuals and families. These individuals may vary in age and are usually referred by the court system, community organizations, or schools. They help develop a plan for each individual after an initial intake/assessment to assess their needs. They drive these plans and help monitor the progress through the various stages of supportive counseling, interventions, and life skills training.
Average annual salary – $37,000

#4 Social Work Assistant

Social work assistants work in an agency or residential settings under the supervision of a qualified or licensed social worker in the community, hospitals, and residential care homes, among other settings. Their day-to-day duties include combining the functions of a friend and counselor to form relationships with clients. They follow a qualified social worker’s care plan to support, help, advise, and protect clients.
Average annual salary – $35,172

#3 Family Development Specialist

Family Development Specialist, works in clinics, hospitals, and social service organizations to help pregnant mothers, infants/toddlers, and their families. They help therapists and family specialists/counselors in family goals development, curriculum planning, and the Early Head Start program. Their job is to help families access the resources they need to care for their children, like finding child care, Head Start, or Pre-K placement.
Average annual salary – $34,143

#2 Mental Health Associate

Mental Health Associates work under the supervision of a clinical nurse or therapist to perform mental health patient care activities. Their duties include observing and reporting patients’ physical, emotional, and social behaviors to their managers for administrative and professional development purposes. They assist in monitoring vital signs and weights, supervising meals, preparing lab specimens, and conducting individual patient observations.
Average annual salary – $30,404

#1 Teacher Assistant

Teaching assistants with an associate’s degree work in special education and with differently-abled students under supervising teachers or senior professors. They assist in student development, spend time one-on-one attending to students, keep class rules and regulations in place, and communicate with guardians about their wards’ progress. Their primary focus is to work with young people with learning difficulties and help them achieve their potential.
Average annual salary – $21,753

Interested students can explore the many options for getting an associate in psychology degree online. They need to, however, look for regionally accredited schools and the quality of the program offered. This would mean that the faculty and coursework are the same as their on-campus program, and they provide robust student support services. You can explore the top affordable online associate degree programs in psychology here.

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