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8 Top Value Counseling Master’s Degrees in Louisiana

Top Counseling Schools - Best Value - 2016
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Published September 2016

Welcome to our ranking of the eight top master’s degrees in counseling in Louisiana.

If you’re thinking about earning your master’s or Ph.D. in counseling and you live in Louisiana (or you would like to) take a look at these top-ranked schools. Louisiana definitely deserves your attention – it has more accredited master’s in counseling degrees on offer than most other states in the South – than most other states in the country, even. And with so many highly qualified, affordable options for ambitious students across the region, it’s no wonder this top counseling master’s degree ranking includes a nearly double-digit number of distinguished colleges and universities.

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8. Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Natchitoches, LA

School Counseling, M.A.; Clinical Mental Health Counseling, M.A.

Northwestern State University of Louisiana’s graduate counseling programs boast above-average completion, placement, and NCE pass rates, but that’s not all that sets this school apart. As a member of the University of Louisiana System—one of the nation’s public systems of higher education—Northwestern State is noted for its abundant resources for counseling students, including diverse specialization offerings and a robust distance-learning platform. While not all of Northwestern State’s counseling courses are available online, their commitment to flexible scheduling and electronic education makes it easier than ever to earn an affordable graduate degree in counseling.
Tuition & Fees: $13,692
Score: 72

7. Louisiana Tech University

Ruston, LA

School Counseling, M.A.; Clinical Mental Health Counseling, M.A.

For a hands-on, no-frills approach to counseling education, applicants need look no further than Louisiana Tech University. LTU’s College of Education is committed to training counselors who strive for social justice in every facet of their lives, including their career. Whether you are looking to pursue School Counseling or Clinical Mental Health Counseling, an education from LTU is an almost guaranteed pathway to licensure and a career filled with personal rewards and challenges. What’s more, active military service members can find all of the coursework for either of these affordable counseling master’s degree programs offered at the Barksdale Air Force Base.
Tuition & Fees: $15,467
Score: 75

6. Loyola University-New Orleans

New Orleans, LA

Clinical Mental Health Counseling, M.S.

Loyola University New Orleans is another great choice for students who want to make a difference in one of the nation’s most troubled cities. Loyola’s top master’s degree in counseling curriculum stands out for its pragmatic approach to clinical theory and training; even beginning students acquire authentic counseling through in-class mock sessions with hired actors. These simulations allow students to develop their skills in a safe environment under close supervision from faculty mentors. They also make great preparation for real clinical internships these same students will undertake in their junior and/or senior years.
Tuition & Fees: $16,090
Score: 78

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5. University of Holy Cross

New Orleans, LA

Clinical Mental Health Counseling, M.A.; Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling, M.A.; School Counseling, M.A.; Counselor Education and Supervision, Ph.D.

The University of Holy Cross’s comprehensive counselor education programs provide an unparalleled access point to the profession of counseling in all its multifarious manifestations. From master’s programs in Clinical Mental Health Counseling to doctoral studies in Counselor Education and Supervision, UHC’s CACREP-accredited counseling degree programs are impressive in scale as well as scope. Students of faith will be drawn not only to UCH’s church affiliation, but also its commitment to supporting the New Orleans community through public service. In addition to required practicum and internship experience, students earning their affordable counseling graduate degrees at UHC regularly participate in their school’s numerous outreach programs at local churches, clinics, hospitals, and everything in between.
Tuition & Fees: $10,372
Score: 81

4. University of Louisiana-Lafayette

Lafayette, LA

School Counseling, M.S.; Clinical Mental Health Counseling, M.S.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s counseling programs provide the state of Louisiana with many its top school and mental health counselors. And since earning CACREP accreditation in 2012, Lafayette has distinguished itself as an institution with some of the best counseling master’s degrees in the country. In addition to providing students with the tools and theoretical knowledge they need to pass various licensure examinations in Louisiana, Lafayette features a Clinic for Counseling and Personal Development where students can hone their counseling abilities. This allows students to learn and grow while simultaneously giving back to the greater Lafayette community.
Tuition & Fees: $14,877
Score: 84

3. Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, LA

Community Counseling, M.A.; School Counseling, M.Ed.

Although it is a relatively young profession, the demand for counselors across the country is as diverse as it is high. Graduates of Louisiana State University’s accredited master’s degree in counseling program find work everywhere from schools and hospitals to mental health clinics and higher education. Thanks to its low student-faculty ratio, national accreditation, and emphasis on diversity and multicultural training, LSU attracts some of the most talented and ambitious counseling students in the state. In just 60 short credit hours of intense counselor training, these students are transformed into some of the most well-prepared (and well-employed) counselors in the state.
Tuition & Fees: $10,954
Score: 90

2. University of New Orleans

New Orleans, LA

Counselor Education and Supervision, Ph.D.; School Counseling, M.Ed.; Clinical Mental Health Counseling, M.Ed.

The University of New Orleans represents the highest echelon of educational opportunity in the city, a reputation that naturally extends to its counseling graduate programs. UNO offers some of the best counseling graduate degrees for aspiring and seasoned counseling professionals alike, with CACREP-accredited masters and doctoral programs in a variety of specializations. Where the masters program is geared towards those looking to join the front lines of school and/or mental health counseling, UNO’s doctoral program features a strong research emphasis that helps establish students as thought-leaders in their own field.
Tuition & Fees: $14,657
Score: 95<

1. University of Louisiana-Monroe

Monroe, LA

School Counseling, M.Ed.; Clinical Mental Health Counseling, M.S.

With a top counseling graduate degree ranking from numerous sources (not just ours), it’s no surprise to see the University of Louisiana at Monroe at the top of this list. Perhaps more than anything else, ULM is lauded for its distance-learning program, which in many ways is even more impressive than the on-site programs featured above. Despite the lack of physical proximity between students and faculty, ULM still manages to furnish substantial clinical experience for students to ensure that they are prepared for a real, long-lasting career after graduation. And the university still makes sure that students have opportunities to meet face-to-face; each summer, program members travel to Monroe for a week-long residency where they’ll attend intensive seminars and get better acquainted with one another.
Tuition & Fees: $14,055
Score: 100

This concludes our ranking of the best graduate degrees in counseling in Louisiana.

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