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5 Ways to Maintain Your Mental Health During COVID-19

Do These Things for Your Mental Health During COVID-19

  • Connect Via Technology
  • Keep Your Mind Active
  • Move Your Body
  • Feed Your Spiritual Side
  • Keep a Schedule

During this stressful and unprecedented time, many may be struggling to maintain their mental health during COVID-19. A global pandemic of this nature hasn’t been seen during most people’s lifetimes. So much is causing the world’s population to worry, and rightfully so. With so much turbulence and unknown, coping can be a struggle. Fortunately, there are some actions everyone can take to improve their outlook and to feel better. Take a look.

Connect Via Technology

Due to the desire to flatten the curve and contain the spread of virus, many workers are working from home, and the nation has been advised to maintain social distancing as much as possible. Schools and universities have switched to an online format. All of this could lead to loneliness amid social isolation. One bright spot is that there are many options for staying in touch through technology in today’s modern times. Whether it’s with Facebook messaging or a video chat format like Skype, people can still see and communicate live with their friends and loved ones. This is a great way to feel connected without the risk of spreading germs.

Keep Your Mind Active

It might be tempting with extra downtime to binge watch hours of programs on Netflix or to get caught up in an endless news cycle of gloom and doom. Unfortunately, these activities can lead to despair and can compound depression symptoms. Instead, people should try to engage in activities that keep their minds active and engaged. There are many online options available for activities. More and more organizations are providing virtual field trips, theatre productions, lessons, and cultural opportunities.

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Move Your Body

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourages individuals to maintain their physical health during this time. Part of staying healthy involves physical activity. It’s okay to go outside for a walk away from people. The fresh air and change of scenery will be good for both body and mind. Taking part in a video workout or even just doing some calisthenics indoors is something.

Feed Your Spiritual Side

For those who are religious or who engage in other spiritual activities, this time could be quite lonely. Humans are social creatures, and spiritual gatherings provide a place for fellowship and connection. Look for activities like online prayer groups or services to take the place of regular in-person worship. Consider taking up a practice of yoga or meditation to focus the mind and spirit.

Keep a Schedule

One especially helpful way to maintain mental health during COVID-19 is to try to maintain a regular schedule. Getting dressed and doing things at an expected time adds some normalcy to the day. This is especially important during such times of uncertainty. Knowing what to expect and when it allows people to feel some purpose and control.

Keep these considerations in mind when practicing social distancing. These are just some ways to help maintain mental health during COVID-19 and to improve one’s outlook.