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5 Conferences for Drug and Alcohol Counselors in 2020

What Are Drug and Alcohol Counselors?

Alcohol and drug counselors provide treatment and support to those struggling with substance abuse. They work hands on with their patients to help them not only overcome their alcohol and drug addiction but to also help them uncover what pushed them towards substance abuse in the first place. Through therapy, rehabilitation programs, and support groups, counselors can help their patients overcome their dependence to substance both mentally and emotionally.

Not only is drug counseling rewarding, there is an extremely high job outlook. Unfortunately, substance abuse is a very common struggle in today’s world. After completing at least a bachelor’s degree in the field, these genuine and highly educated professionals can share their counseling services with people of all backgrounds. Whether you have already found a job as a drug counselor or you are currently studying substance abuse in school, you may be interested in attending alcohol and drug counselor conferences. Information on conferences as well as additional resources can be found below….

A Helpful and Quick Guide to the Top Drug and Alcohol Counselor Conferences for 2020

  • NAADAC Annual Conference and Hill Day
  • ASAM Virtual 2020
  • APA Annual Meeting
  • 2020 NIDA International Forum
  • AMERSA 44th Annual Conference

Those who work in drug and alcohol counseling provide a very important and noble service to individual people and society alike. Staying at the top of the game here can be tough, but attending some of the industry’s best gatherings can really help to make the job easier in a number of ways. For the scoop on this year’s must-attend activities, read on.

1. NAADAC Annual Conference and Hill Day

The NAADAC Annual Conference and Hill Day is an annual event administered by The Association for Addiction Professionals. This event features a gathering of over 1,000 addiction professionals from all over the US attending a six-day summit of training, education, networking, and more. The time and location to be for this one are Washington DC on September 25th through September 30th.

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2. ASAM Virtual 2020

ASAM, or the American Society of Addiction Medicine, hosts a yearly event in which several days of highly entertaining and educational activities take place for all manner of addiction treatment specialists. This year’s event, the ASAM Virtual 2020, is slated to take place from April 2nd through April 5th in Denver, Colorado. Specific event learning objectives this year include identifying new policy and scientific findings in addiction medicine, comparing the strengths and weaknesses of today’s clinical guidelines and best practices, and analyzing new research areas in the field.

3. APA Annual Meeting

The American Psychiatric Association is one of the premier organizations devoted to mental health and associated addiction treatment matters. As such, those working in the industry are all advised to make attending the APA’s annual meeting a priority. For this year’s activities, potential participants should plan to be in Philadelphia from April 25th through April 29th.

4. 2020 NIDA International Forum

The National Institute on Drug abuse itself offers an annual get-together in the form of its International Forum. This year, the forum takes place in Hollywood, Florida from June 19th through June 21st. Attendees can expect a rich program that features a research symposium, network building activities, an exclusive poster session, and more. This event is also held in partnership with the esteemed CPDD, or College on Problems of Drug Dependence.

5. AMERSA 44th Annual Conference

For the 44th time, The Association for Multidisciplinary Education and Research in Substance Use and Addiction is hosting its annual meeting. For the year 2020, this event will take place November 5th through November 7th in Boston, Massachusetts. Those in attendance can expect a great array of educational mini-events as is the case every year.

Are You Interested in Attending Drug and Alcohol Counselor Conferences?

Drug and alcohol treatment work is critical to all of society, and those working in this field can always do with an educational event in which to learn, network, and grow. These five, above-mentioned events are some of the best for those working in this field for the year 2020. For additional resources on drug and alcohol counseling events and information, the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the World Health Organization are two, leading organizations with which all are recommended to inquire further.

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