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5 Study Aids for Counseling Degree Students

Counseling Degree Students Should Use These Five Study Tips

  • 5 Study Aids for Counseling Degree StudentsDigital Study Guides
  • Read With a Purpose
  • Use Apps In Order to Decrease Distractions
  • Be Aware and Focus
  • Keep a File of Interests

Master’s or doctoral students may wonder about the best five study aids for counseling degree students. Earning a degree in counseling involves going to graduate school, which is typically more intense than the undergraduate experience. These five study aids and tips can help a student manage their time and make the most of the available resources.

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1. Digital Study Guides

Many textbooks have either a digital format or a supplemental digital study guide. Counseling degree students could use those tools to make studying more convenient. Most of these study guides have quizzes built into them, and the student can get their quiz results immediately. Getting fast feedback shows the student what they need to focus on during their study sessions.

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2. Read With a Purpose

Counseling degree students will have to spend a lot of time reading as a part of the studying process. Before reading a whole chapter or research article, take a look at the way the information is organized. Scan its headings. If it is required reading, this will give the student a feel for what to pay attention to. If the article is for research, doing this cursory glance should help the counseling degree student figure out whether or not that article will be helpful for their research project.

3. Use Apps In Order to Decrease Distractions

When researching articles or taking a quick break to check the weather or social media, it is easy for a student to get lost in the time warp of the internet. Before the student knows it, an hour or two has passed by. There are apps that function as study aids for cutting down on distractions. Some apps shut off the internet browser after a certain time period. A student who knows they spend too much time on social media could block access to it with an app or limit the amount of daily time they can use it.

4. Be Aware and Focus

Counseling degree students will have a lot of opportunities. They might want to participate in research studies, conduct their own research, take on an internship, study abroad and take classes. They might need to work in order to pay their bills. According to Psych Central, students should be choosy when it comes to deciding which opportunities to accept. Time is limited, and students should focus on the opportunities that align with their passions and goals for the future.

5. Keep a File of Interests

Use a digital sticky note, folder or file to keep track of interests and ideas for research, papers or a culminating project or thesis. As ideas come, they can be jotted into the digital file. The student will not have to worry about forgetting their idea for the future. They will also not have to stop what they are doing in order to start a new project.

Each of these five study aids for students earning a counseling degree can help in a different way. If one study aid does not help, the student could try a different one or use another one in addition to it. In addition to these five study aids for counseling degree students, the students should remember to contact their professors if they need clarification or have questions about a class.