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5 Podcasts for Counseling Students

5 Podcasts for Counseling Students

  • Hidden Brain
  • Mental Illness Happy Hour
  • ACA Podcast Series
  • How to Talk to Kids About Anything
  • We All Wear It Differently

When you are planning to become a counselor, listening to one or more of these five podcasts for counseling services is a smart decision. These podcasts offer fresh perspectives on the career. You can also learn more about people’s experiences in this career and discover some new mentors along the way.

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1. Hidden Brain

The Hidden Brain podcast is offered by National Public Radio and hosted by Shankar Vedantam. This podcast explores human behavior and the habits of regular people. It also looks at what influences individuals and groups and how those behaviors shape society. Some of the topics delve into broad patterns of behavior and social dynamics. The host has also written a book by the same name.

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2. Mental Illness Happy Hour

Mental Illness Happy Hour, hosted by Paul Gilmartin, focuses on the full spectrum of mental illnesses. The host has had his own experiences with depression and alcoholism, and those are reflected in the episodes. This podcast includes interviews of people who have different mental illnesses. It also includes interviews with mental health counselors, therapists, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and others. The Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast is available for no charge through the MentalPod website, iTunes store, and Stitcher.

3. ACA Podcast Series

The ACA Podcast Series is a paid podcast that provides educational credits through the American Counseling Association. Each episode focuses on different topics, including ethics, values, and careers. There are also topics on specific types of counseling, such as services for the LGBTQ community or people who are dealing with grief. According to the American Counseling Association, these podcasts may help a student advance their career and pass their state licensing exam.

4. How to Talk to Kids About Anything

If a student is thinking of going into counseling and working with children, the How to Talk to Kids About Anything is an excellent podcast to listen to. It goes into detail on how to talk with kids of any age about sensitive topics. It explains how to talk about serious subjects at the right level of detail so that the child will listen. Some of the topics discussed on How to Talk to Kids About Anything include anger, stranger danger, abuse, and fear. The How to Talk to Kids About Anything podcast also includes interviews with parents, therapists, school counselors, and related counseling experts.

5. We All Wear It Differently

The We All Wear It Differently podcast focuses on people who are studying to become or already working as a psychologist. Some of the topics explored by the We All Wear It Differently podcast include dealing with difficult patients, compliance problems, continuing education, ethics, values, work challenges and establishing a private practice versus working in a community setting. This podcast also features success stories and anecdotes of working as a counselor. There are interviews with counselors from a variety of settings. This is an ideal podcast to listen to for learning more about the average day in a job as a counselor.

Each of these five podcasts for counseling students offers something different. You can learn from experienced professionals, front line workers and people who work in related fields. These five podcasts for counseling students offer short episodes, allowing you to listen while you commute to school, exercise or eat a meal.