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Is it Important to Go to a Counselor Who is the Same Gender as You?

Is it Important to Go to a Counselor Who is the Same Gender as YouIf you are seeking assistance from a counselor, you likely have an array of questions. This particularly is the situation when an individual seeks assistance from a counselor or therapist for the first time. One question a person very well may have when seeking assistance from a counselor is whether a counselor should be of the same gender.

Many people may assume they want a counselor the same gender as them, many may assume the opposite. However, this may just be a natural reaction and they make not even know why or if it the best call for them.

Personal Preference is Fundamental

No matter other underlying reasons that might exist directing a person to a counselor of the same gender, the bottom line is that an individual seeking therapeutic assistance must always select a professional with whom he or she is comfortable. Gender can be a part of a person’s overall personal preference when it comes to selecting a counselor or therapist. For example, an individual may feel more comfortable sharing personal information and experiences with a man or woman. People of one gender personally may be more comfortable sharing with another of the same or another gender. The fact that personal preference is the most important consideration when it comes to selecting a counselor simply cannot be understated.

Issues Surrounding Gender or Sexuality

Oftentimes, people make the decision to seek assistance from a professional counselor because they have issues associated with gender or sexuality, according to Psychology Today. There are instances in which a person has issues with both gender and sexuality.

If that is at the heart of why you feel you are in need of professional counseling, selecting a professional of the same gender may make the most sense. A counselor or therapist of the same gender may have firmer reference points that can be helpful when it comes to providing professional assistance to a client or patient.

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In this day and age, a considerable segment of the population who seek assistance from a professional counselor because of issues stemming from gender, gender fluidity, and sexuality. Thus, the focus of selecting a counselor in this type of situation can be the most important issue.

Interview with Counselor

If you are internally debating what gender of counselor to engage for counseling assistance, an important part of that process needs to be an initial appointment of an interview with the professional. Indeed, as you go about selecting a counselor, a person typically is well advised to schedule an initial consultation with more than one professional.

Through the interview process, you are able to confirm your initial thoughts about the gender of counselor and what will work best for you. With that said, by interviewing prospective counselors of different genders you may dispel some preconceived ideas that possessed before the commencement of the process of finding professional assistance.

In the final analysis, selecting the most appropriate counselor is a vital decision. In many ways, because of the importance of counseling or therapy, the counselor you select can be by far one of the most important decisions that a person makes during the course of a lifetime. You have the best chances for ultimate success through therapeutic counseling when you select a professional most suitable to your needs and with whom you are most comfortable.

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