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10 Top Value Counseling PhD Degrees in Ohio

If you are looking to grow in your counseling career and take on more responsibilities in your job, exploring the top value counseling PhD degrees in Ohio is a good start. PhD in Counseling adds merit to students who have decided to pursue a career in the same, as counselors, educators and therapists in various private and public setups. The students undergo exhaustive training in identifying psychological issues among patients of all age groups, barring their gender and race; analyzing the symptoms and finally treating them for complete recovery.

Although students can apply for licensure right after their Master’s or Graduate programs, a PhD helps them understand the various nuances of psychological counseling to a greater depth. While some institutes offer internships right after the Master’s degree programs, there are others who prefer their students getting introduced to a professional set up only during their PhDs.

Graduate programs offering doctoral degrees require the successful completion of course work, practicum and internship, research, comprehensive exams, and a dissertation. There is a great degree of flexibility attached to the courses available at various universities.  The Counseling PhD degree programs on our list are recognized and accredited programs that offer great value to students who are poised for the next stage of growth in their counseling and education-related careers.


Net Price (as reported by the NCES):

  • Under $10,000: 5 points
  • Under $12,000: 4 points
  • Under $14,000: 3 points
  • Under $16,000: 2 points
  • Under $18,000: 1 point

Program Flexibility (asynchronous course delivery, hybrid options, part-time/full-time schedule, etc. ) – 1 point per item

Online Student Support Network (faculty mentors/advisors, etc.) — 1 point per item

Accreditation: 2 points for regional, 1 point for national

Program recognition or alignment with recognized standards: 1 point for each

Featured Programs

#10 Case Western University

Cleveland, Ohio

Developmental, Cognitive, and Affective Sciences (DCAS) PhD Program

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Points: 9

The PhD in psychological sciences offered by Case Western University has three major areas of concentration- developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, and affective sciences psychology. Students who pursue this program are either into full-time research or teaching careers. The 94-148 credit program spans over five years where the students are also taught teaching courses. Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, the course work is divided into three parts- Research Design and Quantitative Analysis I and II which lead to clerkship. In the second year, students complete their MA degree (if not yet completed) which includes a Master’s thesis that holds considerable weight in the PhD course. The third, fourth and fifth years are dedicated to continuing research in the student’s area of specialization by means of dissertation and advanced courses.
Tuition per credit: $1827

#9 University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio

Doctorate of Counselor Education

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Points: 10

The PhD program in Counselor Education offered by the University of Cincinnati’s College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services is a perfect fit for committed services in the underserved sections of the society. The CACREP-accredited program focuses on prevention, community-based school, and mental health services and substance use. The 60-credit curriculum includes coursework, research, and enhancement of teaching and leadership. Recent graduates have found positions in research, teaching and leadership and service in different community-based mental health organizations. With this degree, students will be able to demonstrate advanced competence in planning, evaluation, change strategies, leadership, teaching, and research.
Tuition per credit: $640

#8 Ohio University

Athens, Ohio

Doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision

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Points: 10

The Doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision program offered by Ohio University is designed to prepare graduates for counseling services, research, and scholarship at colleges, universities, mental health centers, human services, and others. Accredited by CACREP, the curriculum is flexible, depending on the career preferences of the applicant. The 60 semester credit hours program includes core coursework, practicum, and internship, followed by a dissertation, all amounting to more than 700 hours of study. From December 2017 to May 2018, the CES program had a 95% program completion rate of 4 graduates and 100% placement as counselors, administrators, and private practitioners.
Tuition per credit: $583

#7 Cleveland State University

Cleveland, Ohio

Doctoral Program in Counseling Psychology

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Points: 10

The Doctoral program in Counseling Psychology offered by the Cleveland State University aims to educate counseling psychologists who can work with a diverse urban population. They are competent in assessment, intervention, research and supervision tasks. The 54-semester hour program teaches students to confront the issues facing urban populations and mature into professionals who are competent to function in diverse public and private settings as professional psychologists. Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the American Psychological Association, the program includes theory, practicum, and an internship, spanning key areas of counseling and psychology.
Tuition per credit: $556.35

#6 Kent State University

Kent, Ohio

Doctoral Program – Counselor Education and Supervision (CES)

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Points: 11

The Counselor Education and Supervision (CES) doctoral program at Kent State University is designed to prepare ethically sound and multiculturally responsive counselors, educators and supervisors. Meeting the accreditation standards of the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP), the program teaches students to engage in leadership and advocacy and deliver high standards of counseling services at various administrative, academic and clinical settings. Totaling up to 81 semester hours, the curriculum is structured around theory, teaching, pedagogy, research and scholarly activities, followed by 6 semester hours of internship at leading organizations and 30 semester hours of dissertation.
Tuition per credit: $536

#5 The University of Akron

Akron, Ohio

CES Doctoral Program—Counselor Education Track

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Points: 11

The Counselor Education and Supervision Doctoral Program—Counselor Education Track offered by the University of Akron is aligned with CACREP standards that ensure that students are able to practice counseling as supervisors, teachers and in leadership and advocacy programs. Encompassing foundational as well as advanced-level curriculum, the course is a 100-semester credit hour curriculum that promotes counselor professional identity, leadership and advocacy skills through Chi Sigma Iota. Pass outs from this program have demonstrated exceptional levels of academic and professional proficiency as counselor educators, researchers in academic institutions, administrators of mental health service agencies, and advanced practitioners and supervisors.
Tuition per credit: $484.82

#4 Union Institute and University

Cincinnati, Ohio

Ph.D. in Educational Studies

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Points: 14

Lead by experts from the field of psychology, Union Institute and University’s Ph.D. in Educational Studies is geared toward preparing students for a career in clinical or counseling psychology through a curriculum which is aligned with the Master of Arts Major in Clinical Health Counselling. The 66-semester hour program allows qualified students to start their Master of Arts degree program during their final term of the major. The university also offers online programs to suit the budget of students from across the world. Some of the key benefits that students gain from this program include analyzing key concepts, principles and overarching themes in psychology, evaluating the impact of psychological factors on lifespan development, using scientific reasoning to interpret psychological phenomena and more.
Tuition per credit: $460

#3 Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green, Ohio

PhD in Psychology

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Points: 14

The PhD in Psychology program offered by BGSU focusses on extensive academic training in general psychology with a continuing commitment to research. Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, the course is designed comprehensively to meet the professional requirements of the students in the field of clinical, developmental, industrial/organizational and the Neuro Cognitive Sciences. Students are encouraged to understand the fundamentals of all the aspects of psychology while defining their interests with their choice of specialization. The 90-credit program, right from the graduation level, is research-oriented and encourages students to participate in research work. They can later apply for basic and applied research. The program leads to licensure, certification and/or endorsement eligibility, subject to state-wise pre-requisites.
Tuition per credit: $445.40

#2 Ohio State University

Columbus, Ohio

PhD in Counselor Education

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Points: 14

The Ohio State University offers a PhD in Counselor Education via its College of Education and Human Ecology. The CACREP-accredited program, taught by the Department of Educational Studies, prepares students for leadership positions in counseling. Ranked as No 1 in the country, the 55-credit hour course trains students for leadership positions for supervision and advanced counseling practices. The curriculum includes theory, practice, leadership, supervision, and research, which form an integral part of the core skills of professional counseling. Students are exposed to a number of research opportunities across the program. Pass-outs are committed to working as counselor educators, professional counselors, supervisors, and directors of public and private institutions. Students need to sit for a separate state licensing test to receive licensure.
Tuition per credit: $444.15

#1 Youngstown State University

Youngstown, Ohio

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership

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Points: 16

The Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership offered by the Youngstown State University aims to provide terminal professional preparation for administrators in public and non-public schools and health and human service organizations. Designed to enhance the leadership capacity of students in healthcare settings and academic institutions, the 61-semester hour program exudes efficiency, equity, and excellence. Accredited by the Educational Leadership Constituent Council and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, the program is made on a cohort basis. Students are expected to enroll for two doctoral core courses per term for Fall, Spring, and Summer terms. This program helps in obtaining licensure in either principalship or superintendency or both in Ohio and/or Pennsylvania for educators who fit the bill.
Tuition per credit: $364

The Opportunities:

Graduates can choose to become licensed and work with children, adolescents, individuals, couples, groups, families, government agencies, counseling centers, community mental health clinics and more. They can also choose not to be licensed and pursue academic and other positions that do not require licensure. Some universities offer a complete waiver to PhD and Doctoral students while giving them stipends. However, there are others that require a fee, depending on the semester hours or the time frame students take to complete the program.