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University of Maryland – University College


Counseling and Psychology Degrees Offered at University of Maryland – University College

University of Maryland – University College appears in our ranking of the 50 Top Online Bachelor of Psychology Degree Programs.

The University of Maryland – University College (UMUC) offers a wide range of degrees to undergraduates and graduates alike. The school also offers certificates of completion in a variety of fields including counseling and psychology. Undergraduate degrees and certificates are available to earn online while Master’s and Doctorate degrees are available to earn onsite.

Students who would like to get an undergraduate degree in the fields of psychology or counseling have many options available to them. It is important to understand that, to become a counselor in most states, students must have a graduate degree. Therefore, the undergraduate degree the student chooses can be either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science and can either be in the field of social work, sociology, education, or psychology. UMUC offers an Associate degree in Psychology, which can help students get a variety of jobs within the sector.

If students would like to continue their education to become a counselor or psychologist, the University of Maryland – University College offers Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Social Science. Students can choose to minor in whichever option they do not major in, which can be beneficial and give them a more well-rounded education.

Students who have already earned a Bachelor’s degree may want to continue their education with a Master’s or Doctorate, which can help them get a job as a counselor or psychologist. The University of Maryland – University College offers a Master’s degree in Teaching. Any educational background can help students seek a career as a counselor or psychologist. Students who would like to seek a Doctoral degree can consider the Doctor of Management for Community College Policies and Administration, which focuses on education, as well.

UMUC also offers many graduate certificates; while none of them directly relate to psychology or counseling, many of the certificates can give students a more well-rounded education. For example, the Leadership and Management certificate can help students become a leader and help others reach their goals.

About the University of Maryland – University College

The University of Maryland – University College, founded over 70 years ago, serves the higher educational needs of the US military and working adults. The needs of its students are woven into everything and are the reasons why the school is still standing and helping others. This school is one of the biggest online universities in the nation, and it offers over 90 specializations and programs to its students.

UMUC is a valued member of the University System Maryland. It has earned a reputation throughout the world for academic excellence. While the school offers online coursework that can be accessed anywhere, it also provides over 140 service and classroom locations.

The goal of the degrees and certificates is to equip students with real-world skills they will need throughout their lives while focusing primarily on the career aspect. Students get a true online learning experience. The courses are designed to be more collaborative to prepare students for the digital environment. Almost all educational materials are in a digital format with no cost to the student, saving them money and allowing them to study anywhere.

Featured Programs

The name itself is slightly abnormal, and it doesn’t roll off the tongue easily. While the name is awkward, it’s essential to the school’s history and mission.

The University of Maryland part shows that the school is backed by the University System Maryland reputation. It is online, but it’s also regionally accredited as a state university. The phrase ‘University College’ is primarily a British term that’s used to describe an institution that brings in all programs, courses, and departments to work better for the students and faculty.

University of Maryland – University College Accreditation Details

The Middle States Commission of Higher Education is the accreditor of the University of Maryland – University College. The MSCHE is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the US Secretary of Education.

Because UMUC is an institution that’s part of the University System Maryland, it is certified to operate in Virginia by the State Council for Higher Education.

It should be noted that there is a difference between national and regional accreditation. Private and public colleges and universities offering a wide program range usually hold regional accreditation and UMUC, as part of the University System Maryland, is regionally accredited by the accrediting body available to Maryland – the Middle States Commission of Higher Education.

Large public universities and colleges don’t usually hold national accreditation, which is reserved for single-purpose educational entities. However, individual programs within the college can be nationally accredited.

At UMUC, the Master of Arts for Teaching is accredited through the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Along with such, the Master of Education for Instructional Technology (UMUC), is also accredited by the same agency.

University of Maryland – University College Application Requirements

To apply for at the University of Maryland – University College, students must complete an online application by creating an account. Students will need a copy of their transcripts, which lists degrees/credits earned and dates of attendance. The application should take about 10 minutes to complete, and once the application is submitted, students must pay a nonrefundable application fee of $50.

Army National Guard, Active-duty Army, and Army Reserve soldiers can apply using the “GoArmyEd” website. Military personnel and their family members should have documentation showing separation dates and status.

Tuition and Financial Aid

For residents of Maryland, Undergraduate programs cost $294 per credit while standard graduate programs cost $458 per credit. Doctoral programs cost $1,087 per credit. For anyone not living in Maryland, tuition rates for undergraduates are $499 per credit. Standard graduate programs cost $659 per credit, and doctoral programs cost $1,087 per credit.

Financial aid is also available to those who qualify. Federal financial aid comes in the form of grants and loans. Employer tuition assistance is also available if a student’s employer reimburses them for educational needs. Scholarships are also available to students, and students can find a variety of scholarships and requirements to apply. Students can also work out a monthly payment plan with the University of Maryland – University College, which is interest-free.