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University of Arizona


Counseling and Psychology Degrees Offered at the University of Arizona

The University of Arizona appears in our ranking of the 50 Top Online Bachelor of Psychology Degree Programs.

The University of Arizona offers numerous programs and degree options at both the undergrad and graduate levels in counseling and psychology. Studying these disciplines at the University of Arizona gives students access to top-ranked courses and departments, with amazing research facilities, an accomplished faculty, and advisory support programs that have won awards.

At the undergraduate level, students can choose one of three degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. This program teaches students the basics of psychology, with courses designed to help them apply these lessons in front-line positions such as counseling, social work, and health and wellness positions.
  • UA Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The University of Arizona offers students distance learning opportunities, giving them the same educational programs as those who attend classes on campus.
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science. This program gives in-depth and detailed information about the scientific side of psychology and psychological research. It is best suited for students who plan to attend graduate studies in nursing, clinical psychology, or research fields.

At the graduate level, students can earn their Master’s Degree in Counseling – Rehabilitation and Mental Health. Those who successfully complete this program can become Certified Rehabilitation Counselors, Certified School Counselors, and Licensed Associate Counselors. Courses in this specialty are offered in a few different formats. Some are exclusively online, others are a blended format, with some classroom instruction and some online content, and others are entirely in person. The school is always eager to work with distance students to find technological supports for distance learning. Unfortunately, the school no longer accepts grad students for their Counseling and Mental Health program, though students can indicate whether they prefer to specialize in school counseling or mental health services when applying to the Counseling – Rehabilitation and Mental health program.

Psychology students also have options when it comes to graduate studies. Clinical Psychology, Cognition and Neural Systems, and Social Psychology are the three main options available. Interdisciplinary minors are also available, including minors in Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology, Health Psychology, and Neuropsychology.

About the University of Arizona

The University of Arizona is one of the oldest and highest-ranked schools in the country. With its first class graduating in 1895, the school actually existed prior to the state of Arizona itself. The first class was also shocking progressive given the time, consisting of just one man and two women. Throughout the school’s existence, it has formed tight relationships with NASA and other top employers in the state. These partnerships have helped bring in over $620 million in research funds each year.

Numerous agencies and organizations have ranked the University of Arizona as one of the top schools in the country. In particular, US News & World Report named the school one of the top 50 public universities, the National Science Foundation ranked it 22 in research, and the Center for World University Rankings put it in the top one percent of over 15,000 post-secondary institutions.

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University of Arizona Accreditation Details

The University of Arizona has received regional and specialized accreditation. Regionally, it is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, after a thorough evaluation of the academic offerings, admissions, and governance of the school. Specialized accreditations have been granted to numerous colleges, schools, and departments that form the University. Among the most notable are those granted by the Council on Rehabilitation Education and Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs relating to the MA in Counseling, Rehabilitation, and Mental Health program and the School Counseling discipline.

Additional accreditations have also been granted by the American Psychological Association and the Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System to the Department of Psychology.

University of Arizona Application Requirements

Admission is granted to undergraduate students in one of two ways. Those who are Arizona residents and graduated in the top 25 percent of their high school class without any coursework concerns or who have a GPA of at least 3.0 are guaranteed entrance under the Assured Admission program. Others must apply through the Comprehensive Review process, where evaluators examine numerous factors including:

  • Class rank
  • Curriculum strength and relative performance
  • GPA in core courses
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Personal statement

The requirements differ slightly when it comes to graduate studies. Here, students are expected to submit:

  • A completed application (available for download on the University of Arizona’s website)
  • Application fees, specific for the program selected and your residency
  • Scores for your entrance exams
  • Official transcript for undergraduate studies
  • Transcripts for any graduate-level courses taken
  • Any existing degrees, nationally or internationally

Those who are applying to the Psychology Graduate Program must submit their paperwork by the deadline as well as their GRE scores.

  • Applications to the Counseling program must submit:
  • Two official transcripts from all prior college or university-level courses
  • Three letters of reference from those who are involved in the academic career of the applicant
  • An autobiographical essay

International students must also submit proof of English proficiency, a financial guarantee, Visa information, proof of health insurance, and an eligibility to participate in coursework (if the students are from certain countries like Iran).

Tuition and Financial Aid

For undergraduate degree programs, Arizona residents can expect to pay a minimum of $12,500 in tuition, with non-residents owing at least $36,400. There are numerous scholarship and financial aid options available. In fact, 85% of students receive some type of financial aid. The cost of graduate programs varies, depending on funding and field of study.

The University of Arizona is one of the few schools that offers a Guaranteed Tuition Plan, where the price of tuition is fixed for eight consecutive semesters, which is often long enough to complete a degree program. Wildcat Tuition Awards are granted to Arizona residents and are merit-based, while non-residents can apply for one of the Arizona Tuition Awards. Other financial aid options are also available, with the specifics depending on the student’s individual situation.

Students who are hoping to change the world through empathy and the provision of therapeutic support should consider one of the counseling and psychology degree programs offered at the University of Arizona.