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Central Michigan University


Central Michigan University Psychology and Counseling Programs

Central Michigan University appears in our ranking of the 50 Top Online Bachelor of Psychology Degree Programs.

The Department of Psychology at Central Michigan University offers several psychology programs. Undergrads can major in either general psychology or neuroscience. The neuroscience program focuses more on research into the ways in which the brain and the mind work. Students in either program must take Research Methods, Introduction to Psychology and Applied Research Methods. Those in the general program must also take 18 credits of electives. Some students major in neuroscience and pick a minor in general psychology. The Bachelor’s in Psychology can also be earned online through the CMU Global Campus.

One of the top programs offered by the university is an accelerated five-year program in experimental psychology. Students can earn both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science. By the end of their senior years, students should meet all the requirements of the bachelor’s program and have taken several graduate courses. The university allows them to complete their graduate degrees in just 12 more months. Students can also earn a Master of Science in Experimental Psychology from the university after earning a bachelor’s degree from another school.

Central Michigan University offers several combined programs for graduate students who want to work on a master’s a doctoral degree. These programs allow them to study industrial/organizational psychology, school psychology or clinical psychology. The industrial/organizational program features courses that look at how people use supplies and equipment, but it also includes some research and survey work too. Its school psychology program deals with the ways in which counselors help students and includes multiple internships. Those in the clinical psychology program will also do internships as they learn how to work with real clients.

Students can also study counseling at the university’s College of Education and Human Services. They can focus on school, addictions or clinical mental health counseling. Each program includes some fieldwork such as internships. Students in the clinical mental health counseling will meet some of the requirements for becoming a licensed counselor in Michigan upon finishing the program. This same college within the university offers a BCBA certification program too. Students who complete the courses in this program will meet the requirements to take the BCBA exam, which provides them with Applied Behavior Analysis certification.

About Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University is one of Michigan’s largest colleges in terms of both enrollment and overall campus size. Founded in 1892, it has a Board of Trustees who oversee the operations of the university to ensure that it meets the needs of all current students and any incoming students. The university, which many call CMU, consists of eight different colleges and multiple departments within those colleges. Psychology and counseling majors typically take classes from the College of Education and Health Services and the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. CMU also has its own Graduate School, which offers classes and programs for older and more advanced students.

Featured Programs

Washington Monthly and U.S. News and World Report both rank CMU as one of the top 250 colleges in the United States, but Forbes also included the university on a list of the best American schools. The university has four endowed lecture series that bring in famous faces from around the world. Those speakers give lectures that both students and the general public can attend. Undergrads have the option to live on the university’s campus in Mount Pleasant, but a large number of students also commute to the campus. CMU has an enrollment of more than 22,000 students.

Central Michigan University Accreditation Details

CMU is one of the only schools in Michigan with accreditation from the APA. Its APA accreditation applies to its clinical and school psychology programs. CMU also has regional accreditation, which comes from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCACS). NCACS accreditation meets one of the requirements that the federal government has for students seeking financial aid.

Central Michigan University Application Requirements

Those applying to CMU must choose and complete the right application and meet all admissions requirements. Undergrads must follow the college prep curriculum established by the state of Michigan, which asks students to take four years of math, history or social sciences, English and life science classes in high school. Those students should have good computer skills and familiarity with a foreign language. Undergrads will submit the CMU application and their transcripts and test scores.

Both the graduate and doctorate programs offered by the university are quite competitive. Students applying to these programs must use the application and submit information that shows they deserve one of the spots available for the next year. Those entering a combined program must have a bachelor’s degree, but those applying to a Ph.D. program should have both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree already in hand. The university asks for transcripts to see what courses the student took and some of the grades that he or she received. This also allows CMU to determine whether that student needs to take any prerequisite classes.

Prerequisite classes allow students to compensate for any deficits they might have and help them compete directly with their peers. CMU may also ask that these students submit their professional resumes, some type of writing sample, and a few references or letters of recommendation.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The standard tuition rate that undergrads pay is $417 per credit hour. Those who are residents of the state or work for the federal government qualify for a tuition rate of $354 per credit hour. The university’s military discount drops this rate down to $290 per credit hour for any military student. Graduate students typically pay $596 per credit hour, but some programs charge a higher rate of up to $625 per credit hour. Students in one of the CMU doctoral programs will pay at least $679 per credit hour.

CMU offers financial aid packages that allow students to get free money and to borrow money from the government. Students can borrow more during their graduate and doctoral years during their undergrad years. They can also apply for scholarships, though the university requires that students submit their scholarship applications between the beginning of April and the end of May every year. There are a few full ride scholarships available for undergrads. Central Michigan University also offers on-campus positions for graduate and doctoral students majoring in psychology that come with a stipend.