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Bay Path University


Counseling and Psychology at Bay Path University

Bay Path University offers six undergraduate and three graduate programs in the counseling and psychology fields. Each of the undergrad programs culminates in a bachelor of arts degree and are almost all available both online and on the main campus. Students looking for a broad foundation in the field can opt for the general psychology degree which is ideal for those unsure of their specific career interests. The Child Psychology major focuses on developmental stages, mental health, and attachment issues from birth through elementary school as well as early intervention practices. For students planning to eventually work as licensed counselors, the Counseling Foundations undergrad program provides them with a solid foundation in topics like personality, abnormal psychology, cognition and perception, and motivation as well as more targeted topics like behavioral theories, counseling interventions, and relationship dynamics. A related track, the Human Services and Rehabilitation major, teaches students case-working practices like client assessment and planning services, especially for individuals living with disabilities. For students interested in both criminal justice and psychology, Bay Path University offers the Forensic Psychology degree which can lead to careers in research, probation, and law enforcement. Finally, the Neuropsychology program combines biology, anatomy, and chemistry with aspects of psychology including behavior and learning. This major can either be part of the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology or the Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience.

The graduate programs at Bay Path University are offered at the Sturbridge, East Longmeadow, and Concord campuses. The Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is a 60-credit hour program which prepares graduates for professional licensing. Students do have two specialty training options including substance abuse counseling and early intervention work. The Master of Science in Developmental Psychology is a more research-based academic track that consists of 36 credit hours of study followed by a 160-hour community project. Finally, the Applied Behavior Analysis MS degree is the only graduate degree offered online as well as on campus. This program is approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board as adequate preparation for work as a behavioral analyst. Students can choose to add an emphasis in either research or autism studies.

About Bay Path University

Opening in 1897 in Springfield, Massachusetts, Bay Path began as a private business school focusing specifically on career training in the accounting, management, and secretarial fields. In the early 1900s, the school expanded quickly and gained a reputation as one of the best in the region until the Great Depression. Struggling financially, the school moved its campus to Longmeadow and began only admitting women. Since then, Bay Path gained collegiate status and eventually became Bay Path University after adding graduate programs. Today, there are over 50 different degree programs across a wide range of disciplines from psychology to business and computer science to healthcare. The main campus is still located in Longmeadow which is where the undergraduate programs are offered, but graduate classes are offered in the surrounding cities of Sturbridge, East Longmeadow, Springfield, and Concord. Bay Path University now admits both men and women to all its master’s degree programs but remains women-only at the undergraduate level.

Featured Programs

The U.S. News and World Report has ranked this school #11 on its list, Most Innovative Schools – Regional Universities North. This designation reflects Bay Path’s focus on keeping up with advances in technology and offering programs that allow students more flexibility. Many of the degree programs at all levels are offered online with students attending campus only on Saturdays.

Bay Path University Accreditation Details

The New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) evaluates and vouches for the quality of colleges and universities in the northeastern region of the United States. Bay Path University has been regionally accredited by NECHE since 1965 with its most recent recertification in 2016. The commission studies nine different aspects of a school including the categories of The Academic Program, Institutional Resources, Organization and Governance, and Educational Effectiveness. Accreditation certifies that students receive adequate preparation for professional life and have the necessary resources available throughout their degree programs. It also verifies that the financial and business-related aspects of the institution are managed in a responsible and transparent manner. Enrollment at a regionally accredited school is a requirement for federal financial aid as well as most private grants and scholarships.

Bay Path University Application Requirements

Prospective undergraduate students can apply for admission to Bay Path University either using the school’s online portal with the application fee waived or using the Common Application. They also need to send SAT or ACT scores and official high school transcripts documenting completion of a high school diploma with four years of English, three each of math and social studies, and two or three years of science coursework. A letter of recommendation or essay can also be submitted to provide a more comprehensive view of the student. Applicants applying for the online undergraduate programs also need to have successfully completed 12 credit hours of college courses or submit an essay to demonstrate their preparedness for independent study. Students applying for graduate programs also need to include transcripts demonstrating completion of a bachelor’s degree in psychology or a related field, ideally with a GPA above 3.0, as well as two recommendations and an essay detailing career goals. All applications are evaluated on a rolling basis as they come in with an undergraduate priority deadline of December 15th.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Undergraduate tuition at Bay Path University runs $34,225 for residential students and $400 per credit hour for online study, reduced to $350 for veterans or military members. Graduate tuition is dependent on program and is $835 per credit hour for counseling and developmental psychology programs and $695 for the Applied Behavior Analysis degree. All students are advised to fill out a FAFSA to determine eligibility for federal financial aid and grants. Plus, the school offers merit scholarships for undergraduates up to half the cost of tuition as well as graduate grants for recent graduates of Bay Path. The school offers other ways for students to save money on tuition including accelerated programs allowing for faster completion of undergraduate and graduate degrees. Bay Path University staff work with students individually to ensure that they find adequate funding.