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10 Sole Survivors of Catastrophic Plane Crashes

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Since 1970, only a handful of incredibly lucky people have walked away as the sole survivors of commercial airline crashes. Often described by the media as miracles in the flesh, these individuals lived through astonishing circumstances to cheat death – but the aftermath, the trauma and the long road to recovery are far from glamorous.

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Overwhelming grief, survivor’s guilt, post-traumatic stress and excessive media attention are just a few of the challenges these sole survivors have had to overcome, on top of the tragedy that will mark their lives forever. These 10 accounts are stories of extraordinary hope and determination, as the shell-shocked survivors have tried, little by little, to rebuild and move on with their lives.

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10 Awesome TED Talks On Happiness

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One of the great things about TED Talks is that they encourage people to look at a common and conventional concept in a rather unconventional way. This is the approach taken by many TED Talks speakers when discussing happiness. From overcoming adversity to taking things slow to perfecting a craft, happiness comes in a number of fascinating forms that are intensely personal and easily shareable. From the great minds of TED Talks keynote speakers, there are ten specific ways to reconsider what happiness means, how it is achieved, and how it should be shared with others after it has been enjoyed by ourselves.
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