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10 Best Subscription Boxes That Promote Self Care

True health and happiness begin and end with self care. Sitting down with a good book, relaxing in a hot bath, or actively working towards a tangible goal are all simple ways one can turn down the stresses of everyday life and enjoy the moment. To make taking care of oneself a little easier, we’ve found what we believe to be the 10 best subscription boxes for promoting self care.

Introverts Retreat

From $14.99 / month
“Go big and stay home” — that’s the motto of the Introverts Retreat monthly subscription box. No matter how big a social butterfly, sometimes it’s nice to have an excuse to just stay in for a night or two. Each month, Introverts Retreat subscribers receive a novel written by a female author, plus a few self-care gifts such as:

  • grown-up coloring books
  • high-end snacks
  • beverages
  • puzzles, and more.

Feeling Fab Box

From $19.95 / month
Considering “feeling fab” is the end goal of self care, it should come as no surprise that we’ve included the Feeling Fab Box on our list of the best. This high-quality wellness and self-care subscription box delivers 6-9 products right to your doorstep each month. Every item is meant to reduce stress, and typical gifts include:

  • natural beauty and skincare products
  • candles
  • gemstone jewelry, among other fun things.


From $19.99 / month
The MindWander subscription box is put together “exclusively for women’s mental health.” Each month, subscribers can expect to receive 5-7 items including a themed workbook, various journal prompts, a special notebook and/or pen, bath and body products, and lifestyle items such as candles or coffee mugs. Subscribers may also choose to receive a MindWander Mini Box, and receive 1-3 items.

The Hygge Box

From $25.00 / month
The Hygge Box is a delightful monthly subscription box based on the Danish concept of hygge — that is, a level of coziness which brings about feelings of contentment and well-being. Each month, subscribers to The Hygge Box will receive either 4-5 (standard box) or 5-7 (deluxe box) products meant to help one relax and find joy. Typical box items include:

  • mixes for tea or hot cocoa
  • candles
  • rich chocolates
  • bath and beauty products.


$34.99 / month
TheraBox is one of the best-selling self-care subscription boxes, and it’s easy to see why. Carefully curated by therapists, TheraBox includes items which are meant to promote health and happiness. Each new box includes items such as:

Featured Programs

  • beauty and lifestyle products
  • various wellness items
  • some aromatherapy

There’s even a science-based happiness activity included each month!

Bath Bevy

$36.95 / month
Is there anything better for one’s overall well being than a hot, relaxing bath? If you answered no, then the Bath Bevy subscription box is the one for you! Each box of bath time goodness is curated around a new theme like “Escape to Paradise,” “All That Glitters,” or “Snow Way!”. Items typically included are:

  • bath bombs
  • salts
  • sugar scrubs
  • butter bark
  • lotion bars, and more.


From $38.00 / month
With a subscription to HopeBox, you’ll receive a little bit of encouragement delivered right to your door each month. Each box is carefully curated with handmade items meant to provide comfort, encouragement, support, and of course, hope. Typical items include things like:

  • jewelry
  • devotionals
  • candy spa treatments
  • journals, and more

As an added bonus, each HopeBox includes an inspiring letter personalized for the recipient. The HopeBox comes in three sizes: light (6+ gifts), classic (10+ gifts), or the “hope chest” (15+ gifts).

My Coffee and Book Club

$38.99 / month
The monthly My Coffee and Book Club subscription box is perfect for the person who finds sitting down with a good book to be the ultimate method of relaxation and self care. Each month, subscribers receive a 12-ounce bag of gourmet coffee (either whole bean or ground) and two hardcover books in your choice of genre. Not sure if you prefer fiction or mystery, sci-fi or romance? Choose to be surprised!

Go Love Yourself Box

$44.95 / month
Each month, the Go Love Yourself deluxe self care box reminds subscribers to take a little time for themselves. Carefully curated by life coaches and other experts, each new Go Love Yourself box includes:

  • a personal development book
  • resources to help put strategies from the book into action
  • a 30-minute coaching session with that month’s featured coach
  • complementary self-care items like candles or tea.

Coach Crate

$45.00 / month
The Coach Crate is a subscription box that’s billed as “a unique coaching plan delivered monthly to your door.” Each box doubles as a carefully planned month of personal growth, and includes:

  • online coaching
  • supplementary materials
  • 3-6 other items meant to inspire.

Boxes are themed, and cover everything from personal finance to loving and accepting one’s body.